Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Welcome to the official blog of the Ohio University Student Senate.

This blog is not meant to replace our official website, but rather to provide a new means of getting the word out about what we're doing and ways to get involved on campus.

As this blog is still in it's infancy there's alot of different ways we could take this, and input is certainly always appreciated. Some of the things you can look for on here are:
-General body meeting summaries
-Information about upcoming events and past events sponsored by student senate
-Weekly senator profiles
-Links to articles about student senate and about other things going on on campus

Finally, any O.U. student is always welcome to voice their concerns via contacting their senators or by addressing the senate general body during the "student speakout" part of the meeting. Speakout is always 7:15 on Wednesdays in the Walter Hall Governance room (104).

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