Sunday, October 28, 2007

Senator of the Week: Matt Tokarsky

Name: Matt Tokarsky

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Westerville, OH

Position on Senate: East Green Senator, Vice Commissioner for Academic Affairs

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: of Montreal

Favorite Thing about OU: The People

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Tina Fey, duh!

If you could visit any fictional location, where would it be and why? Springfield from the Simpsons, because Marge Simpson is amazing.

What is something you hope to accomplish on Student Senate? To get students on East Green to understand what senate's all about.

Is being the first "Senator of the Week" the greatest thing to ever happen to you? Yes.

Fell free to contact Matt at as well as any other members of Student Senate!

Student Senate in the News

Follow up of Wednesday's Meeting (The Post, 10/25)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cop Talk

Wondering what will get you busted on Halloween? Come to Cop Talk and ask the Athens Police Department questions and find out how to stay out of trouble.

Cop Talk will be held this Monday, October 22nd, at 9:00 PM in Bentley 110.

... and there will be FREE PIZZA!

Student Senate in the News

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pizza with the Provost

Pizza with the Provost, your quarterly opportunity to eat pizza with and give feedback to Provost Kathy Krendl, will be tomorrow from 5:15-6:15 in Baker 240.

Take free pizza. Take control of your education. You can't lose.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greeks and Gays

As part of OUT Week, the LGBT Commission of Student Senate will be sponsoring Greeks and Gays, a forum designed to discuss the relationship of two communities on campus sometimes seen as having little in common. Greeks and Gays will be Thursday in Baker 242 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Come!

Contact List

Due to some technical difficulties, we have been unable to post our 07-08 roster on our official website. Here is the contract list for the 2007-2008 Student Senate. Feel free to contact us!

President- Tim Vonville
Vice President- Amanda Roder
Treasurer- Will Wemer

Academic Affairs- Chris Diehl
Black Affairs- Deonna Whitfield
City and County Affairs- Amanda Estok
International Affairs- Vacant
LGBT- Aaron Fancey
Minority Affairs- Tristan Walker
Off Campus Living- Stefanie Skaggs
Residence Life- Lee Robbins
Student Activities- Sean Morris
State and Federal Affairs- Bob Redd
University Life- Meghan Hanrahan
Women's Affairs- Sally Neidhard

Arts and Sciences- Zach Noble
(Fall Quarter Proxy- Chris D'amico
At Large- Shannon Ashford
At Large- Callie Broomfield
At Large- Micah Brown
At Large- Olivia Dawson
At Large- Tony Frisbee
(Fall Quarter Proxy- Alex Nickley
Business- Erin Stuckey
Communications- Jarrell Cunningham
East Green- Matt Tokarsky
East Green- Emily Shuki
Education- Michelle Connavino
Engineering- Bryan Scheffel
Fine Arts- Markee Speyer
Health and Human Services- Alison Ungar
Honors Tutorial- Bailey Miles
(Fall Quarter Proxy- Robert Leary
Off Campus- Trevor Brooks
Off Campus- Josh Gargiulo
Off Campus- Max Laird
Off Campus- Zach Pearlman
South Green- Emily Bacha
South Green- Chauncey Jackson
University College- Emily Kuhn
West Green- Travis Swiger
West Green- Lauren Vonville

Internal Chief of Staff- Sarah Koshtia
External Chief of Staff- Drew Goland
SDS Director- Mike Tomlinson


The off campus life commission has just launched pick-a-prop, a fantastic new resource for off campus students.

This new database will allow future off campus students to make more informed housing decisions by giving them access to housing reviews by students, for students.

If you currently live off campus please take a minute to review your property. If you are considering living off campus in the future, please take advantage of this resource!


Welcome to the official blog of the Ohio University Student Senate.

This blog is not meant to replace our official website, but rather to provide a new means of getting the word out about what we're doing and ways to get involved on campus.

As this blog is still in it's infancy there's alot of different ways we could take this, and input is certainly always appreciated. Some of the things you can look for on here are:
-General body meeting summaries
-Information about upcoming events and past events sponsored by student senate
-Weekly senator profiles
-Links to articles about student senate and about other things going on on campus

Finally, any O.U. student is always welcome to voice their concerns via contacting their senators or by addressing the senate general body during the "student speakout" part of the meeting. Speakout is always 7:15 on Wednesdays in the Walter Hall Governance room (104).